Some Gabrielle Union DWade Tea For Y’all

gabby union
So I heard through the grapevine that Gabrielle Union is not happy with how the finals worked out and Dwyane Wade’s impending retirement (my source is giving him one more season tops). She feels that she put up with all his bullish to date someone at the top of...
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Powers That Be Targeting Jay Z ?

Jay Z and Beyonce added Paris dates to the On the Run Tour..expect more European dates to come and expect plenty of negative press. Mainstream press is now out for blood for these two, the kiddie gloves have been removed. When the elevator tape broke it was shopped...
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Celebrity Encounters/Extra Light Tea From Reddit

KANYE KARDASHIAN EXCLUSIVE! [–]DesertDrummer 626 points 1 year ago I know there are enough “douche bag Kanye” stories to classify him as an asshole, but this one interaction my friend had with him makes me think otherwise. My friend was working at a night club in New York a...
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